The Split collection is based on the concept of individuality, hence the name. A timeless collection with contemporary details that give it personality. The base is made up of independent modules that respect the user’s individual space.
This collection designed by VENTURE is based on the concept of individuality, as its name suggests, SPLIT. The base of the upholstered piece is composed of independent seats that respect the user’s individual space.
A collection that brings together ergonomics, functionality and versatility to create homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, stands, etc.
The upholstered backrest, designed with a gentle curve, embraces the whole and unifies the piece. Split is designed for one, two and three seats.






Upholstered backrest: Formed by a single enveloping piece that defines the backrest and armrests at the same height, available in one, two and three seats, upholstered on an interior structure of plywood and curved wood that envelops and runs around the entire sofa, covered in a layer of flexible PU foam 3 cm thick and 25 Kg/m³ density. All of them are sheathed with careful stitching and assembled to the base that forms the seats.

Upholstered seat: Made of flat chipboard and flexible PU foam with a thickness of 18 cm and a density of 40 kg/m3, soft hardness covered with fiber. Convex shape for each individual seat and upholstered in any of the fabrics and colours of Mobboli sample book. It is also possible to upholster it in fabric provided by customer, just like the backrest. As it is formed by two independent pieces, they can be upholstered in two different colours for the seat and backrest.

Cushions: Optional soft 35 x 24 cm cushions can be added for better lumbar support. Rounded corners and zip to remove the cover.

Metal structure: with 4 legs for 1, 2 or 3-seater sofa made of Ø20 mm steel tube and exposed horizontal crosspieces made of 40 × 20 mm tube which define the design and give name to this collection, suspended without touching the base of the seat. As a hidden reinforcement, it has a crosspiece made of 2 mm tube on which the seat base rests. All welded together to form a single, solid structure that is characteristic of Split and is also reflected in the side tables of the collection. Coated with epoxy paint in white or textured black (standard) or other colours from the Mobboli metallic sample collection. Incorporates polyamide caps in contact with the floor.

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Side table tops: made of 16 mm plywood board and laminated in Oak (RO), Dark Oak (RBO), white, calacatta, anti-fingerprint anthracite or antifingerprint black. Available in Ø400 mm circular or rectangular with arc-shaped perimeter sides of 400 x 655 mm.

Metal structure: with 4 legs to match the sofas in the collection made of Ø20 mm steel tube and exposed horizontal crossbars made of 40 x 20 mm tube that define the design and name of this collection and are suspended without touching the top. Available in different heights depending on each table model: 300, 350 or 400 mm.

Models available: The SPLIT mini tables are designed to be used together to form sets: diameter 400 x 300 mm h and 650 x 400 x 350 mm h. The coffee tables can also be combined with the mini tables to form sets: diameter 860 x 400mm and 655 x 655 x 400 mm.

Technical data