Gabriel Teixidó designs this system of modular armchairs with simple lines that connect each component element to create sets of different linear or curved shapes that dominate each space and living, waiting or reception area.
As a result of Mobboli’s collaboration with the industrial designer Gabriel Teixidó, the Conek modular system was born. With simple lines, these
armchairs have been created to connect with each other and create varied sets, with linear or curved shapes, ideal for any living room, waiting room or reception area.
The idea is based on two basic individual pieces, the armchair and the pouf, which harmonise with each other and can be joined together as many times as desired. Or, if preferred, they can be joined together with intermediate tables of different shapes to guarantee more intimacy between the occupants.
The seats and backrests of the Conek series, with softened quadrangular shapes and a wooden interior structure, are fully upholstered with a set of rubber pads of different densities to guarantee maximum comfort where it is most needed. Both the armchairs and the poufs are joined together with metal fittings. And everything is supported by metal structures made of round steel tube painted in epoxy in all the colours of the sample collection.
The tables that join the modules together can be square or in the shape of a 45º angle, while the auxiliary extension and support tables can be rectangular or round and rotating. The table tops are available in plywood with a light oak or Black Infinity anti-fingerprint laminate coating.









SEAT AND BACK. Interior structure made of 19 mm chipboard. Covered in flexible PU foam of different thicknesses and densities. It is upholstered in two independent pieces, seat and backrest, closed with a concealed zip and joined together. Hard rubber of 40 kg/m3 in the lower part of the seat and the back of the backrest. High resilience HR soft rubber in the upper part in contact with the user to guarantee user-friendliness and comfort.
It has a modular armchair with a seat measuring 650 x 650 mm and 260 mm thick and a backrest measuring 650 x 250 mm and 80 mm thick, both with quadrangular shapes, which are joined together with metal fittings. The pouf of the same dimensions contains only the seat.

METALLIC LEGS. Metal frame with 4 legs made of 18mm diameter steel tube, painted in epoxy in the colours of the sample book. This structure supports the armchair and the pouf. The armchairs are joined together by means of metal fittings that are inserted into the structures to form different compositions. The back of the structure is made of a tube with the same characteristics, thus allowing for a visible back on which the upholstered backrest rests.
The modular system allows different table modules to be incorporated between seats. They are made of 18 mm diameter tube with a machining process that allows them to be attached to the 4-legged frame of the armchairs or poufs.

SYSTEM TABLES AND TOPS. EThe system offers 4 types of table, two for joining modules: square (CMCC) or 45º angled (CMCE); and two auxiliary extension and support tables: rectangular (CMEL) or round swivel (CMAC).

The tops are available in 13 mm plywood with stratified colour coating: light oak or Black infinity anti-fingerprint.

Technical data