A design by Héctor Diego, Japan is a collection of sofas and armchairs with a minimalist language made up of pieces of great visual lightness and bold lines in their simplicity, with a timeless and sustainable design. Its shapes allow the collection to give personality to any space within any type of architecture.
Collection’s one-, two- and three-seater sofas incorporate a lightweight and original metallic structure with four crossed legs that adapts to the space and use. With a height of 46 centimetres from the floor to the seat, it allows the user to sit down and stand up in the utmost comfort. Japan uses its characteristic primary lines to achieve the most suggestive conceptual design. The collection is completed by the swivel armchairs with an aluminium base with four or five blades for all types of meeting and gathering areas. A collection manufactured under the quality and stability standards of European regulations (UNE EN 16139).
Created with the variety and flexibility of uses as a central core, Japan dresses with naturality and success waiting and reception areas, as well as conference and gathering areas for the exchange of ideas. Héctor Diego’s design proposes sofas and armchairs with a simple and minimalist code, with a bold and agile profile. A collection that respects the environment in its design and manufacture, with ISO 14006 eco-design certification.
The comfortable upholstered structure on wooden interior and foams of different densities is finished with careful and neat seams, the upholstery dresses the piece as a single one, encompassing body, seat, arms and back in a subtle and elegant manner.
Four-legged metal structure with a cross, characteristic of the lower part of Japan sofas, which is joined to the structure of the upholstered body.
The metal structures are available in all the epoxy paint colours from Mobboli’s wide sample book, allowing the combination between them and all the upholstery from the sample collection or fabrics provided by the customer. Endless possibilities to customise each project.


Japan - modelo 15001 - Mobboli


Japan - modelo 15002 - Mobboli


Japan - modelo 15003 - Mobboli



Structure: Metallic steel in 1, 2 and 3 seats: painted epoxy.

Casing. Interior: Solid wood and flexible PU foam.

Seat. Upholstery: Group A + B + C + E + F.

Technical data
Japan - modelo 15000 BG (C) - Mobboli

15000 BG (C)

Japan - modelo 15000 G (C) - Mobboli

15000 G (C)


Base: Metallic 5-spoke aluminium polished or black painted with wheels or sliding tops.

Casing. Interior: Solid wood and flexible PU foam.

Seat and backrest. Upholstery: Group A + B + C + E + F.

Legs: Aluminium painted in epoxy.

Technical data



Round. Upholstered: Group A + B + C + E + F.
Technical data