This is not only the story of a company, it is the story of an illusion, it is the story of a brand with its own life and personality backed by people.
It all starts back in 2017 when the third generation joins the family business, with new concerns and new ideas to undertake. This is joined by the passion for design and decoration of Pepa, CEO of the company and creative director of Mobboli. Thus a new project was born within a consolidated company and factory.

“We are all in essence what our genetics dictate.”




This is an exceptional case in which the MANUFACTURE came before the brand: Mobboli is already born with a printed concept of manufacturing MADE IN SPAIN.
Our production is carried out in our own manufacturing facilities located in Madrid under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, applicable to all production phases. We are not publishers, we are manufacturers with a passion for design and a Know How that gives us an added value to offer to the market, in the creation of contemporary furniture for contract and hospitality.


The balance between the youth of a new brand and the maturity of an experienced factory is reflected in its products: models with their own identity, functional and attractive lines, with the qualities required for commercial, residential and contract use.
The quality of the brand’s products is guaranteed by product certificates based on European UNE standards applicable to their use, issued by accredited external laboratories. And by the careful selection of suppliers of raw materials and supplies with their corresponding quality controls down to the last detail. Mobboli products are guaranteed for 5 years.

“La calidad no es un acto, es un hábito” Aristóteles




Mobboli was born with a sustainable vision based on two values imprinted in its DNA: Sustainability and Wellness, two constants always present in the philosophy of “delaoliva”, inherited by Mobboli since its origin.

“Good design has no expiration date” Harry Seidler

Our essence in an instan

Discover our philosophy and our style in this video. Mobboli is a brand that was born in 2018 within an already consolidated company and factory located in Madrid, the capital of Spain impregnated with its cosmopolitan style. It was born from the creative impulse of delaoliva, bringing together the freshness of a new brand with the experience of know-how, to offer contemporary, sustainable and quality furniture for use in all types of spaces, aimed at the contract channel, highly customisable and with timeless design. Welcome to Mobboli



Cosmopolitan Design

At Mobboli our goal is design and sustainability, creating friendly furniture with soul and cosmopolitan design that lasts over time and dresses spaces that reflect us as people, offering customisable and flexible products.