Mobboli is located in Madrid, a modern and cosmopolitan city that welcomes all people with kindness. It’s a city where cultures from around the world come together and interact. From Madrid to the world, with production Made in Spain.
This is how Mobboli was born in 2018, with an international, dynamic, and open-minded approach that is reflected in its collections and leverages the experience of the brand delaoliva, which provides this creative impulse. Our furniture is welcoming, contemporary and urban, with the soul of the Spanish capital, where innovation and creativity are constantly evolving.
Furniture designed for modern people, from different cultures, concerned about the environment, with changing lives and adaptable to new experiences; flexible people who work and live in various spaces and need comfort, quality and adaptability around them.

At Mobboli our goal is design and sustainability, creating friendly furniture with soul and cosmopolitan design that lasts over time and dresses spaces that reflect us as people, offering customisable and flexible products.